International Leadership

Via Societal Partnership to Build

the Knowledge Society





Knowledge Society Program


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By definition, a knowledge society is one that can generate, share, and utilize knowledge in the most efficient way possible to help accomplish prosperity for its people and improve their standards of living.  Such a society must possess the following features:

1. Ability to generate knowledge and employ it for accumulating its wealth and increasing its national income through an optimal exploitation of the infrastructure as well as the human and scientific potentials.

2. Amplitude of innovative activity emanating from major investment in research and development.

3. Possession of cutting-edge technology whose utilization would facilitate creative interaction between scholars and researchers, on the one hand, and product designers, suppliers, and consumers, on the other.

It is within this frame of thought that King Saud University took the initiative to create such a program as first step towards transforming the Saudi society into one thoroughly based on knowledge and in such a way that would help earn it a world-class status.






King Saud University's objectives for the

International Expert Program 


·       Inviting a number of international experts whose competency and popularity are outstanding.

·       Organizing plenary sessions to be presented by these experts to share their expertise and experience in all disciplines.

·       Organizing local and international conferences to discuss the latest international developments taking place in developed countries.