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King Abdullah Institute for NANO Technology

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What is special about Nanotechnology is that it draws on a number of other applied sciences such as energy, telecommunication, information, and all the different medical and engineering sciences. Featuring a wide variety of scientific disciplines, King Saud University  forms a fertile and convenient ground for the adoption of such a rich interdisciplinary science.  With its human and technological assets (including all its labs), the University constitutes the right environment for research to thrive in this field.  This environment is further enhanced by the unique rapport existing between the University and the major industrial and commercial institutions such as SABIK, Saudi ARAMCO, etc

















King Saud University's objectives for the

King Abdullah Institute for NANO Technology 


Preparing and habilitating local cadres in the field of nanotechnology

Attracting distinguished scholars and researchers in the field of nanotechnology

Developing academic programs related to nano science and technology at the University

Building the infrastructure needed for research and development in the field of nano science and technology