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Application Date for Graduate Studies at KSU for the Academic Year 2013/2014  

Admission to graduate programs at King Saud University
for the academic year 2014/2015G

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Saud University is pleased to announce the start of admission to graduate programs and receive applications for these programs for both phases of master's and doctoral degrees for the academic year 2014/2015G through the portal ( as start of day business on Sunday, 17 Nov. 2013 until Satarday, 21 Dec. 2013.

Required documents:

    1. Fulfilling the General Eligibility Test with 70% or GRE score 144 quantitative test.
    2. Academic record.
    3. The graduation document.
    4. The CV + Copy of passport (for non-Saudis).
    5. Recommendation letters: tow recommendations for master's degree and three recommendations for doctoral degree.

    All these documents should be loaded electronically through the portal

Applicants to communicate with departments to find out when the dates of written tests and personal interviews or any other conditions, provided that all dates would be put on the portal, once approved by the departments.
For further information, please write to:

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