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King Saud University Signs a Services Contract with Professor Mohamed Al Zairi in the Field of Quality Management

His Excellency Professor Khalid bin Mohamed Al Angari, Minister of Higher Education attended last Wednesday morning the ceremony of the signature of a joint cooperation research contract between King Saud University and Professor Mohamed Al Zairi (of Algerian origin), Director of the European Center for Top Quality Management (ECTQM), one of the most outstanding scientists in the field of quality management and Professor Joseph Juran's Chair in TQM at the University of Bradford, UK. According to the clauses of the contract he signed with His Excellency Professor Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al Othman, King Saud University Rector, Professor Zairi will provide King Saud University with academic consultation in the domain of quality and evaluation, and will also support its endeavor to achieve excellence and leadership through top quality and academic evaluation and follow-up.
After the signature of the contract, Dr. Al Angari was informed about the National Plan for Technology and Sciences Program prepared by the Sciences and Technology Unit at the University Vice Rectorate for Branches Affairs. His Excellency listened to a presentation by Dr. Ahmed Al Khazem Al Ghamdi, Supervisor of the Program, about the goals of this program and ways of implementing them.
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