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The "Biotechnology and Contemporary Era Diseases" Program organizes a visit to King Khalid University Hospital


The "Biotechnology and Contemporary Era Diseases" Program organized a visit to King Khalid University hospital. The program is currently being held at the Science and Medical studies Departments for Female students of King Saud University under the sponsorship of the King Abdul Aziz and his Men Foundation for Talent and Creativity under the slogan "We can not change our genes but may change the pattern and way of life to enjoy a happy healthy life,". During the visit, the students attended lectures on the diseases of contemporary era delivered by a group of selected specialist consultants including Dr. Ayedh Al-Qahtani, the Paediatric surgery consultant and Supervisor of the King Saud University Chair for Obesity, Dr. Saleh Al Mohsen, the head the Paediatrics and Supervisor of Asthma Chair in King Saud University, Dr. Safiyah Al Sherbini, Consultant of Endocrine and Osteoporosis at King Fahd Medical City, and Dr. Atallah Al Rahili the consultant of endocrine in the College of Medicine, King Saud University. Then there was discussion between the students and the doctors about the contemporary era diseases in a serious and wise way that will contribute to raising the health awareness among the students and thereby fulfilling one of the objectives of the program.

The Chairwoman of the program Dr. Maha Daghistani said that this program works for utilization of biotechnology in detection of the causes of the most common diseases in Saudi Arabia which are obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and asthma which have spread at dangerous rates, a matter which requires setting of a strategy to combat them and the causes of their spread. The plan includes enlightening and raising the awareness of the community on the dangers of these diseases. While the Deputy Chairwoman of the Program Dr. Nada Al Jalal said that the King Saud University sought to ensure that the gifted students would be one of the pillars of this plan. This program aims to qualify the female students in the field of scientific research through the practical application of the modern technological methods for examination of the above mentioned diseases. The program also aims to identify the wrong lifestyle which promotes a genetic predisposition to the disease as well as identifying the correct behaviour of sound nutrition and physical education so that the students will set an example for change in their surroundings towards a better health life.

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