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Closure of the activities of the summer program Talent (Mawhebah), "Biotechnology and the diseases of this age".


The summer program «Talent» under the title of (biotechnology and the diseases of this age), held at the center of departments of science and medical studies, concluded its activities on Wednesday 14/8/1430 AH corresponding to 6/8/2009 AD. 40 students from secondary school stage were honoured at the conclusion of the program sponsored by King Abdul Aziz and his men institute for talent and creativity. The program continued for a full month under the title «Biotechnology and the diseases of this age», where the focus was on the idea that we can not change our lives, but we can change the style and way of our life to enjoy a healthy happy life.

The celebration started with a recitation of verses from the Holly Koran, then the Chairperson of the program, Assistant Professor Dr. Maha Daghistani at King Saud University made a speech welcoming the audience, and she said (King Saud University embraces our talented flowers in the program Talent, which is sponsored in all its aspects, by King Abdul Aziz and his men institute for talent and creativity to give bountifully our country one of the institute contributions to an effective generation that builds nation’s civilization and upward development using the language of science, which is based on our religious values and standards( .

She explained as well that Talent summer program is designed to serve several objectives; and most important is to understand and identify the steps of scientific research, the application of modern technology methods in practice to study the most prevalent diseases in the Kingdom, namely, (Asthma, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Obesity), to identify and clarify misconceptions of lifestyles that promote genetic predisposition to infection of these diseases in addition to the identification the correct behaviours of healthy eating and proper physical activity.

She also thanked the supervisor of the departments of science and medical studies, Dr Amal fatani and Dr. Ines Alissa for the continued support and encouragement and to the Deputy of the Chairman of the program, Dr. Nada Al-Jalal, who contributed to the success of the program and all members of the executive team and to trainers and students.

After this, the supervisor of Talent program website Ms. Reem Al-Zamil made a speech, and she said (we live the memory of the tenth anniversary of this program since its inception in 1421AH, which included 9 summer programs with the participation of 300 male and female students until 1429 AH that included 36 programs with the participation of 1800 male and female students and faced many of the challenges, developments and successes, and thanks to Mighty God and to our guided government under the wise leadership who elevated the status of science and scientists and has paid its greatest attention in order to bring up the Saudi society in light of the rapid developments.

Then the student Noaf Almaslamani gave a speech on the behalf of her colleagues, expressing their happiness for participating in Talent summer program that lasted 30 days, and who had spent the most beautiful moments, and learned the best skills, information and the means of modern technology.

After that, a group of female students performed a welcoming chant and then everyone saw a graphic presentation of the events of the program during a whole month.

then, each group of students gave an explanation of the most common diseases: the first group was (students of Osteoporosis) who gave a brief presentation about Osteoporosis; its diagnosis, treatment methods and presentation of statistics that show the percentage of the prevalence of the disease in the Kingdom and the about the disadvantages of carbonated (fizzy) drink / Then the second group (students of Asthma) who gave a brief about the disease, its causes, symptoms, methods of treatment and how to live with it / The third group (students of Obesity) gave an introduction about the disease, its causes, complications and tips to maintain the ideal weight and an electronic display of Biotechnology / after this, the fourth group (students of Diabetes) gave an explanation of the causes of disease, its complications, prevention methods, its mechanism of measurement and how to select the appropriate food.

At the end of the program, Dr. Maha Daghistani the chairman of the program and her deputy, Dr. Nada Al-Jalal were honoured, the chairman handed the certificates of appreciation and commemorative shields to the sponsors, organizers, the participant students, distinguished students and to work team.

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