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Pharmaceutical Professor Shafeek Recipient of KSU Rector Award

King Saud University’s Dr. Amani Shafeek, a pharmaceutical profession in the KSU Chemistry Department, received the KSU Rector Award for her ground-breaking work in chemistry. According to the KSU Deanship of Quality which announced the award, Dr. Shafeek has numerous pharmaceutical achievements and publications to her credit and has received many letters of acknowledgement in education. Dr. Shafeek has several ongoing scientific activities and took part in the Pharmacological Studies Program which was launched by the pharmaceuticals depot in Cairo University’s veterinary medical college.

She also took part in a project entitled: “Enhancing the contribution of neglected and underutilized stages to food security and to incomes of the rural poor,” conducted by the Center of Desert Studies with funding from the British Royal Society, and she established the Pharmacology Plant in cooperation with specialize design architects. The KSU professor, promoted from associate to full professorship in 2008, is a regular on the scientific meeting, workshop, and training circuit.

Among her key publications is a booklet entitled: “A home pharmacy from plans and other substances,” published in 2008, and another book on medicinal plans published in 2009.Four women professors have been cited for their departmental leadership during the academic year.

Dr. Alaa bint Hassan al-Habet, professor of cellular heredity, is an active researcher and has represented KSU in an international conference in Great Britain. A consummate and tireless academic, Dr. al-Habet has been a referee for research and theses in universities throughout the Kingdom – she refereed research papers in the first Conference of Saudi University Students – and has served on many division and development committees.

She has compiled an enviable publication portfolio that includes 35 research documents, some having appeared in international journals. Her most recent paper was published in late 2010 and she has another one waiting to be published.  Finally, she has submitted a project proposal to the King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology which is under revision.

Dr. Afaf bint Ibrahim Shahata earned a leadership award for her work as associate professor in biological and molecular heredity. She is a faculty member in the division of plants and micro-organisms in the college of sciences and earned the teaching and researcher Award in 1988 as a faculty member at Clark University in the United States.

An active researcher in molecular genetics, Dr. Shahata has published 20 research papers in local and international journals and serves as a scientific  deliberations and evaluation supervisor for 33 female masters and Ph.D candidates. She has participated on the demonstrators and lecturers and the equivalence committees. 

Professor Siham Bint Basheer Mashoul, associate professor in the informational technology department of the Computer Science College, was another department head award winner. Dr. Mashoul has an international Ph.D from the University of Constantine in Algiers and is an accredited supervisor in the information technology division and has produced many research documents about computers.

Professor Afaf bint Kamaluddin Ansari, a member of the biochemistry department in the Malaz Center also was cited as one of the University’s top department heads. A prolific researcher, Dr. Ansari has written 67 papers which have been published in local and international journals, nine of them reference papers for prominent domains including NANO technology.

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