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Classroom Rules and Regulations
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Class Rules and Regulations

1-      Students can enter the class in the first 10 minutes.

2-      If students are late for more than ten minutes, they will be marked “late”.

3-      Every hour of the lecture must be marked in the attendance sheet.

4-      If students are late for more than three times, they will be marked “absent”.

5-      Students must be in class no matter what their situation is unless they are excused by the teacher.

6-      If a student is 15 minutes late, he is not allowed to join the lecture unless he has a written excuse or allowed by Executive Administrator to join the lecture.

7-      If a student causes problems in the classroom, the teacher can send them with a “Student Problem Form” to the Coordinator.

8-      The coordinator can also send him to the Executive Administrator to solve his problem.

9-      The accepted official excuses are the following:

a-      A sick leave.

b-      An appointment in the hospital with the prescription and the appointment slip.

c-       Death of a close member in the family, i.e. parent, sibling or grandparent. Death Certificate must be presented.

d-      An important issue that can only be scheduled during school hours.

e-      If there is any other reason that is not mentioned above, students must get an excuse form from the Executive administrator.

10-   The excuse documents must be submitted within one week of the absence to the Executive Admin.

11-   The Coordinator of the Program must submit the attendance sheets for both males and females every week with the following symbols: “P” for present, “L” for late, “A” for absent and “E” for excused.

12-     If a student’s absence percentage exceeds 10%, they must meet the Executive Administrator to see what their problems are and then write the “Excessive Absence Form”.

13-   Every program has to submit the Self-learning attendance sheets to the Executive Administrator on every Thursday.

14-   The Self-Learning Coordinator must submit the Public Lecture attendance sheets on the same date.

15-   If a student’s absence exceeds 15%, they will get the DN in their final results.

16-   Eatable are not allowed in the classroom.

17-   Flash/CD/Cards readers are not allowed to use in the computer lab without prior permission.